Dr. Harris Chow

Senior Veterinarian

Dr. Harris joined the Templestowe Veterinary Clinic in October 2018. Harris studied his Bachelor of Science, Honours in Microbiology and Immunology in 2008 before completing his Bachelor in Veterinary Science in 2004. Harris thoroughly enjoys working with animals, practicing medicine and working with clients.

Dr. Harris spent his childhood growing up in Hong Kong before making the move to Australia with his family at the age 0f 10. In Dr. Harris’ spare time you’ll find him having a hit a golf, at the beach or spending time with his family. You might even hear him making a quote from his favourite movies: ‘May the force be with you’ or ‘Excellent’.

What makes Harris different to others? His sense of humour.

Favourite animal? Alpacas; they chase foxes away and make great guard dogs.

Favourite Holiday destination? Anywhere by the beach.



Dr. Andrew Dallimore


Dr Andrew joined Templestowe Veterinary Clinic in April 2018 before taking a 12 month break from clinical practice to dedicate more time to his first baby.Coming from a long career in Youth Work and Disability Care he knows how important preventative health care is in facilitating a healthy lifestyle for pets and people.

He has a special interest in allergic skin and intestinal disease, dentistry, as well as arthritis prevention and management. His passion lies in improving and maintaining quality of life, and being the best possible Vet he can be for families when our pets enter the palliative care stage of their lives.

Growing up in a country coastal region of South Australia Andrew loves all things outdoors and enjoys hiking, swimming, archery, and has recently expanded his guitar playing to include some (admittedly rudimentary) songwriting. He enjoys reading in front of a fire and cooking up a storm.

What makes Andrew different to others? His joy of communicating with people and helping them reach their goals for their pets.

Favourite Animal? The wolf and their pack dynamics.

Favourite holiday destination? Deep within a woodland with no signs of human expansion or among the ocean waves.



Heather Ryland 

Head Veterinary Nurse

Heather joined Templestowe Veterinary Clinic in July 2018. In 2012 Heather completed her degree in Animal Health Technology at Thompsons River University in British Columbia, Canada. Heather has a passion for animals and their welfare. She loves to work with owners to ensure the best health for their pet.

Heather grew up in Toronto, Canada with her awesome family of both human and animal kind. She made the move down under with her Husband in 2013. While Heather keeps busy with her young family you can also find her snowboarding in the winter, walking her dog, Ginny, and playing ice hockey (when she’s not pregnant).

What makes Heather different to others? She’s an OCD neat freak and sometimes drives staff crazy with it.

Favourite Animal? Love them all except for birds.

Favourite holiday destination? Anywhere with big mountains and snow.



Alison Klomp 

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Alison joined the team at Templestowe Veterinary Clinic as a work placement student in January, 2018, and her bubbly personality and passion for animals prompted us to offer her a full time position as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse in July, 2018.

Alison is a Kiwi at heart growing up in a small town called Rotorua, located on the North Island of New Zealand. She made the move to Sunny Australia back in 2014. In her spare time you’ll find Alison taking her two kelpies, Achie and Dylan, for a walk or swim down to the local river. Alison is very quick witted; happy for all jokes to be thrown at her but be ready for the quick and outstanding comebacks!

What makes Alison different to others? Her accent

Favourite animal? Dogs- they’re loving

Favourite holiday destination? Vietnam


Joanna Velas 

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Joanna joined the team at Templestowe Veterinary Clinic in the October 2018 as a work placement student. Her work ethic and love for animals made our decision easy in offering her a casual position as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse in February 2019.

Joanna has always had a passion for animals, which made her choice of career easy; focusing on caring and helping. Joanna is born and bred in Melbourne and can’t see herself living anywhere else. Outside of work you will find Joanna spending time with her family and friends, and watching movies.

What makes Joanna different to others? She’s always trying to learn new things and apply them to how she works on a daily basis.

Favourite animal? Joanna has a soft spot for cats as she has grown up with them all her life.

Favourite Holiday destination: Santorini, Greece. It’s beautiful and relaxing.



Debbie James

Practice Manager

Debbie joined Templestowe Veterinary Clinic in December 2019. Debbie has a Bachelor of Business Degree, but has always loved animals and had a career change in 2004 to follow her passion and has worked in a Veterinary Practice since then.

Deb loves helping people with their pet’s daily needs, flea and worm treatments, vaccination and de-sexing information, diets, training and hearing stories from clients about their pet’s quirky antics.

In her spare time, oh no, she doesn’t have any! Her 2 teenage sons, Pomeranian cross dog Darcy, her cats and occasionally foster kittens, keep her busy.

Debs other love is the Collingwood Football Club, being an unashamedly one-eyed member since she was 14 years old.

Deb loves all animals and her aim is to make sure they all lead the happiest and healthiest lives possible.

Favourite holiday destination- Africa

Maddison Brown


Maddison joined our team at Templestowe Veterinary Clinic in March 2020.
She is currently covering maternity leave for our receptionist Teniele. Maddison has fallen in love with her job here so much that she has also begun studies that will eventually lead her into vet nursing.

Maddison is born and bred in Eltham, growing up there with her two brothers and many different animals over the years. In her spare time, she loves being down at her caravan on the coast in San Remo, getting out to a gig and of course having a laugh with loved ones (including her adored two cats and dog)!

What makes Maddison different to others? Probably her loud voice and laugh.

Favourite animal? She loves all animals but has a slight obsession with Lions.

Favourite holiday destination? Brooklyn, NY