Dr. Harris Chow

Head Veterinarian

Dr. Harris joined the Templestowe Veterinary Clinic in October 2018. Harris studied his Bachelor of Science, Honours in Microbiology and Immunology in 2008 before completing his Bachelor in Veterinary Science in 2004. Harris thoroughly enjoys working with animals, practicing medicine and working with clients.

Dr. Harris spent his childhood growing up in Hong Kong before making the move to Australia with his family at the age 0f 10. In Dr. Harris’ spare time you’ll find him having a hit a golf, at the beach or spending time with his family. You might even hear him making a quote from his favourite movies: ‘May the force be with you’ or ‘Excellent’.

What makes Harris different to others? His sense of humour.

Favourite animal? Alpacas; they chase foxes away and make great guard dogs.

Favourite Holiday destination? Anywhere by the beach.


Nora Chen

I’m Nora and I’ve been in small animal general practice for over 9 years now. My primary interest is in small animal internal medicine. Cases can be like solving a huge puzzle, with only a few clues sometimes so I like the challenge! I also enjoy helping people care for and better understand the needs of their furry family members.
In my spare time, you rarely find me indoors. I love hiking and being out in nature so on weekends, you will often find me hauling myself up a mountain somewhere! I have had various dogs in the past, but I am currently slave to a very mischievous feline called Chonk. We crossed paths when she was 3 weeks old as a stray and she has been a part of the family ever since! Looking to get a pup in the future if Chonk allows….

Serena Vo

  1. What inspired you to become a vet?
    I’ve always loved animals since I was a kid. I grew up watching Harry’s practice on TV and that was actually where my inspiration and passion for animals started2. Do you have an area of animal health that you are particularly passionate about?
    There’s so much variety in being a vet from medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology, nutrition I enjoy all the aspects but surgery would definitely be my favourite3. What do you love most about being a vet at the Glen Iris vet hospital?
    I really enjoy working at TVC, we have a great team here who are very fun and supportive and all very passionate about the care of our animals.4. What is the most rewarding part of being a vet?
    I love being able to build and maintain a relationship with clients and their animals, it’s really rewarding having the opportunity to be a part of their journey and being there to help them stay happy and healthy.


Heather Ryland 

Veterinary Nurse/Practice Manager

Heather joined Templestowe Veterinary Clinic in July 2018. In 2012 Heather completed her degree in Animal Health Technology at Thompsons River University in British Columbia, Canada. Heather has a passion for animals and their welfare. She loves to work with owners to ensure the best health for their pet.

Heather grew up in Toronto, Canada with her awesome family of both human and animal kind. She made the move down under with her Husband in 2013. While Heather keeps busy with her young family you can also find her snowboarding in the winter, walking her dog, Ginny, and playing ice hockey.

Favourite Animal? Love them all except for birds.

Favourite holiday destination? Anywhere with big mountains and snow.


Alison Klomp 

Veterinary Nurse/Nursing Manager

Alison joined the team at the Templestowe Veterinary Clinic as a work placement student in January, 2018, and was lucky enough to be employed while training and is now full time.

She enjoyed working with people and their pets and seeing them grow and thrive.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking her dogs, enjoying the sunshine (when it’s out!) and hanging out with friends.

She has two kelpies named Dylan and Archer and a cockatiel named Flips.

What makes Alison different to others? Her accent

Favourite animal? Dogs- they’re loving

Favourite holiday destination? Vietnam


Emily Li Rossi

Veterinary Student/ Nurse

I was hired as a veterinary nurse assistant after completing work placement at Templestowe Veterinary Clinic
ad Cattery in 2020. I’ve been immersed in the veterinary and animal conservation industry since high school
thanks to a childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian.

Alongside clinical placements, I’ve been lucky enough to volunteer at a dingo sanctuary for several years and was even able to go on a ‘vets in the wild’ expedition throughout South Africa in 2018. After years of hard work, I’ve recently finished my first year of the DVM at Melbourne University and am looking forward to graduating as a small animal veterinarian in 2024. I’ve always loved all kinds of animals and having the pleasure of working with them makes me feel like I’m finally achieving my lifelong goals.

In my spare time you’ll find me playing my piano or guitar, dragging my friends to a concert, or playing roller
derby. I live with an old tabby cat called Oscar and a spotty betta fish named Pongo.


Joanna Velas 

Veterinary Nurse

Joanna joined the team at Templestowe Veterinary Clinic in the October 2018 as a work placement student. Her work ethic and love for animals made our decision easy in offering her a casual position as a Trainee Veterinary Nurse in February 2019.

Joanna has always had a passion for animals, which made her choice of career easy; focusing on caring and helping. Joanna is born and bred in Melbourne and can’t see herself living anywhere else. Outside of work you will find Joanna spending time with her family and friends, and watching movies.

What makes Joanna different to others? She’s always trying to learn new things and apply them to how she works on a daily basis.

Favourite animal? Joanna has a soft spot for cats as she has grown up with them all her life.

Favourite Holiday destination: Santorini, Greece. It’s beautiful and relaxing.

Maddison Brown


Maddison joined our team at the Templestowe Veterinary Clinic in March 2020 as a Receptionist. She is studying Animal Studies and in the future wants to continue into Vet Nursing.

She is new to the industry but has fallen in love with it, and is looking forward to learning more every day. She grew up in Eltham and has always been passionate about animal welfare and has grown up with many pets over the years.

In her spare time, she likes to go to visit her caravan on the coast in San Remo, going to a music gig and spending time with her pets. She has a labrador called Bruce and three cats names Brian, Bert and Maisie.


What makes Maddison different to others? Probably her loud voice and laugh.

Favourite animal? She loves all animals but has a slight obsession with Lions.

Favourite holiday destination? Brooklyn, NY


Damian Caldarella

Veterinary Nurse/ Lead Surgical Nurse


Jessica Pailing

Veterinary Nurse


Anna Sim

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

I’m a trainee vet nurse at Templestowe Vet Clinic. I have a passion for the care and welfare of all animals and have always wanted to work with them ever since I was young. I was always more of a dog person but have grown to love cats for their surprisingly affectionate nature after working with them. And though I currently do not own any pets, I enjoy visiting my friends pets and would love to eventually become a cat mum. In my free time I enjoy reading, trying out new brunch places with my sisters and look forward to travelling to new places again once the opportunity arises.