Is your cat thirstier than usual? Drinking from places they normally wouldn’t- or shouldn’t?!

This could be a symptom of kidney disease.

If the kidney is damaged through old age or toxic injury, it loses its ability to concentrate urine. As a result the body cannot conserve enough water and your pet will drink more in order to stay hydrated.

Functions of kidney:

  • Removes waste products from the blood
  • regulate blood pressure
  • regulate blood sugar
  • Balance the bodies fluids
  • regulate pH levels
  • Create hormones that control the production of red blood cells

Often, the kidney will find ways to compensate as it loses functionality. This means your pet may not show signs of disease at all until damage is considerable.

Early detection is key and it is important for pets, particular senior pets (7 years and older) that are prone to kidney issues, to have regular blood tests and urine tests. These tests will enable us to monitor kidney function, identify changes early, and maintain your pet’s health.

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