Don’t brush pet dental health aside! We are talking all things Dental this month at Templestowe Veterinary Clinic

Just like in people, pets can also develop dental disease! That’s why for the month of April we are focussing on the importance of taking care of your fur friend’s pearly whites.

Over time bacteria containing plaque builds up on your pet’s teeth, and if not removed it can harden into tartar, resulting in infected gums and dental disease. Bacteria from dental disease can have a detrimental effect on your pet’s overall health, as it can travel through the bloodstream to affect their heart, kidneys and liver.

Seeing or smelling something funny? Warning signs of dental disease include:

-Bad Breath

-Yellowish-brown tartar on teeth

-Reddened gums


-Difficulty in eating, swallowing or dropping food

Prevention is the best cure for dental disease, so here are some ways to ensure good oral hygiene for your pet.

Teeth Brushing

Daily brushing of your pet’s teeth is the gold standard. This is something that is best introduced early in life and helps remove plaque and reduce bad breath. Sound daunting? We can discuss brushing with you and help you introduce it into your home care.

Regular Check-ups

Just like we require regular dental visits (industry standard is every 6 months) to ensure optimal dental health, the same goes for our fur friends.

A professional dental scale and polish every 6-12 months is also recommended, even with good home care.


Improving your pet’s dental health could be as simple as making a change to their diet.

Dental diets are specifically formulated to help keep your pet’s teeth clean, while still providing them with a balanced diet.  Each piece of kibble is larger than standard dry food, specifically designed to encourage chewing.  This motion aids in the breakdown of plaque on your pet’s teeth.

Dental specific foods can also assist with…

  • Tartar Control. Effectively helps reduce tartar through the inclusion of a specific nutrient that effectively reduces plaque deposits
  • Helps to prevent urinary crystals
  • Helps to maintain a healthy digestive system
  • Hairball Regulator

Dental Specific Treats

Specially designed dental treats are made to help remove plaque and bacteria from teeth before it turns into tarter. Their shape and texture help to scrape the teeth and remove plaque, and some treats additionally contain an antibacterial to help rid the mouth of tartar causing bacteria.We recommend treats such as greenies and oravet chews.

To read more about your pet’s dental health download our dental brochure here, or ask our friendly staff for more information.

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