November Heartworm Focus

At the Templestowe Vet Clinic, we believe that preventative care is vital to our fur friend’s health. Heartworm disease is a serious condition that can cause life-threatening health issues.

In order to protect our canine pet community we are offering:

A single free heartworm test with any Proheart heartworm injection administered during November.

If your dog is overdue for their heartworm treatment, or you would like to swap to the annual heartworm injection, then call us to see if they are a candidate for this offer. Alternatively, fill out a form here and we will be in contact with you.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please contact us to ask whether your dog is a candidate for this offer. 

Further Information about Heartworm

What is Heartworm?

Heartworm is a large parasite (up to 30 cm long in dogs) that live in the heart and main blood vessels of the lungs. It is transmitted from dog to dog by mosquitoes. The parasite grows within the mosquito and is injected into the dog’s bloodstream as the mosquito bites. It then develops into an adult worm within the dog and migrates to the heart and lungs and occasionally the liver. The adult heartworms then breed and are able to increase to large numbers, interfering with circulation and damaging tissues. This leads to heart and/or liver failure and lung disease as the lungs develop a severe reaction to the worms. Left untreated this will result in the death of your pet.

How is it diagnosed?

Heartworm disease is diagnosed through a number of methods. Initially a blood test is performed. Only a small amount of blood is required and this simple test is available in the clinic – the result is available within a few minutes.

What are the signs of Heartworm?

  • A mild persistent cough
  • Reluctance to exercise
  • Fatigue after moderate activity
  • Decreased appetite
  • Weight loss

Can Heartworm be treated?

Treatment varies on the degree of heartworm disease that the dog has. Dogs with no signs have a good prognosis whereas those with severe heartworm disease have a guarded to poor prognosis.