We’re talking pet dental health!

That’s why in April we want to offer our feline and canine friends:

FREE dental checks plus 50% off a Royal Canin dental food bag with every scale + polish

Pets are the same as us when it comes to dental health! A healthy mouth is so important and linked to overall health and happiness.

Book your pet in for a free dental check + learn about dental health, and the role it plays in your fur baby’s overall health and life expectancy. We have also created useful dental brochures, which provide a visual aid when going through the dental grades- so you see (as well as smell!!) the difference between a healthy and unhealthy mouth during your consult.

T&Cs apply.  We also have some useful dental info and tips posted on our website here!

Call us to request a quote, or for more information about dental appointments and procedures. Alternatively submit a form here and our friendly staff will be in contact.