21 10, 2021

$20 Off Vaccinations From Mid November | Templestowe Vet Clinic

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Vaccination Promotion At Templestowe Vet $20 Off Vaccinations From 15th November & Throughout December! Vaccinating your pet is important to ensure they live a healthy & fulfilling life without disease or illness. Call us on 9850 5046 and mention this offer to book your pet in for $20 off their next vaccination. Alternatively, you can fill out [...]

24 04, 2018

Exercising your dog

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All dogs need exercise! What type, how long and how often depends on your dog. Don't forget to have your dog’s council tags on its collar and to pick up after your dog. Obesity in dogs The obesity epidemic has hit Australian humans. We have the most rapid obesity rates compared to all other developed [...]

22 03, 2018

FREE Dental checks + 50% off dental food with every scale + polish

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We’re talking pet dental health! That's why in April we want to offer our feline and canine friends: FREE dental checks plus 50% off a Royal Canin dental food bag with every scale + polish Pets are the same as us when it comes to dental health! A healthy mouth is so important and linked to overall health and [...]

20 02, 2018

5 Tips for Feeding Fussy Dogs

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Many dogs have a reputation for eating just about anything, but sometimes you may notice your dog has a very particular palate and may screw their nose up at most things you put in front of them. If you have a dog who's always been fussy, then there's no "magic cure," but there are things [...]

6 02, 2018

Importance of Pet Vaccinations

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  We worry about our pets when we leave them on their own while we’re out, but what about when they’re right there with us: spending time outdoors, playing at the park, on a walk? Invisible, dangerous diseases that can be debilitating, or deadly, if your pet is not vaccinated. Vaccinations can help protect your [...]

30 01, 2018


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  Parks Victoria will be conducting a rabbit control program from 12th of February 2018 until 1st June 2018 on land managed by Parks Victoria which forms part of the Lower Yarra Parklands.   The affected land includes any properties managed by Parks Victoria on the north or south side of the Yarra River from [...]

22 01, 2018

Never Leave a Dog in a Car on a Hot Day

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  It can take as little as six minutes for a dog locked in a hot car to overheat with sometimes fatal results. If you know you are going to be away from your car for even a couple of minutes, it’s better to leave your dog at home where they are comfortable and have [...]

28 12, 2017

How Do Cats Choose Their Food?

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  It's amazing how quickly cats will take to certain foods, while they will remain thoroughly uninterested by other foods even though to us they seem virtually identical. To us, cats seem to be some of the pickiest pets when it comes to their food. So knowing how your cat chooses its food is the [...]

27 12, 2017

Bringing Your Puppy Home

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  Welcoming a new puppy into your family is an exciting and sometimes challenging period while your new puppy explores and adjusts to the new environment. Being prepared and involving the whole family in early planning will certainly help make the experience more enjoyable. Before bringing your puppy home, there are some essential items you [...]

18 12, 2017

Veterinary Payment Plans Now Available! 

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  At Templestowe Vet we are excited that we can now offer our pet community more flexible payment options. What is Openpay? Openpay allows you to bring your fur friend to visit us now, and then pay for the visit at a later date when it suits you best. An Openpay plan can be used to make [...]