Caring For the Pet Community During COVID-19

At the Templestowe Vet Clinic we want to be able to support our wider pet community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our priority is to keep the furry friends within our community as healthy and happy as possible, while looking out for those who may be struggling during this difficult time.

We are now donating $20 from every new patient consultation to the Rusty & Rosie COVID-19 fund. 

The Rusty & Rosie COVID-19 fund

This charity was established to help fund the veterinary care of pets whose owners are strained financially due to COVID-19. To read more about the Rusty & Rosie COVID-19 fund then please head to the website below:

Rusty & Rosie COVID-19 Fund Website.

If you would like to book your pet in for an initial consult, then please call us on (03) 9850 5046.