A Friendly Update For Our Pet Community

At the Templestowe Vet Clinic as healthcare professionals we take patient, client and staff health seriously, and want to offer a safe experience for all our valued clients.

Due to the recent issues facing the wider community we would like to offer some new special services that will allow us to keep you safe, while still caring for your furry friends as best we can.

We will now be offering:

  • A safe location to drop off your pet at the clinic where you will not be in contact with any staff or other clients. Then we will perform the consultation via phone or video conference while you wait in your car or outside the clinic. Afterwards you can pickup your pet from the same location once the consult is complete.
  • Alternatively, we will offer consults over the phone via telemedicine. You will not be required to come into the clinic, as this consult will be carried out from your home with our vet assessing your pet via video conference.

Online Platforms

The main platform we will be using to perform online consultations is WhatsApp. Please see below for details on how to download this app onto your mobile phone. However, we are also flexible and willing to work with you to organise the best platform to facilitate this new system.

Click here to Download WhatsApp for Android

Click here to Download WhatsApp For Apple

Extra Cleaning Processes

In order to keep our clinic as safe as possible we have increased the frequency of our cleaning and sterilisation practices. We are highly experienced with sterilisation processes, as we regularly sterilise our clinic with hospital grade disinfectant.

We want to ensure you feel as safe as possible with us, so if there is anything further that you would like to discuss with us, or to book an appointment, then please call our friendly team on (03) 9850 5046.

Warm Regards, The Templestowe Vet team.